CYCLE: Stop Motion Workshop in an Abandoned Factory.

When Nomad Mind approached me for conducting a stop motion workshop for PORT İzmir's concept; "It's enough!", I was more than eager to start because we could work in this wonderful abandoned building. 11 students coming from various design & art departments of Izmir collaborated in this 3 day workshop. The script-storyboard was prepared on day one and we had left only 2 days to shoot. Hence, we had to shoot some parts in live-action on order to complete the "cycle". Recycled materials from a previous exhibition in the building served as costumes and sets; and the building itself was the major factor in developing the idea. Special thanks to Emre Yıldız and Çiçek Tezer from Nomad Mind to make this possible. The resulting video is here and the making of video of this joyful process is here.

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