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Mangrove Time(s)

Mangrove Time(s) is an animated 360 movie that embodies a scientifically accurate and captivating spectacle of the life cycle of a Mangrove Tree.

Mangroves are of critical importance in climate change mitigation.


Not only do they sequester carbon at a rate ten times greater than mature tropical forests*, but they also support threatened biodiversity, protect coastlines from storms, and support fisheries*.


“Unfortunately, we’re losing these important places. There’s an urgent need to limit and reverse the loss of coastal wetlands and Mangroves in order to arrest biodiversity decline, protect communities, and tackle climate change.” (Global Wetlands Project - GLOW) 


Mangrove Time(s) embodies the life cycle of a mangrove tree by creating a captivating and immersive spectacle of how it sustains life around itself in different ways.



(Adame et al. 2021; Sievers et al. 2019)


Screenshot from Mangrove Time(s)

Mangrove Fruit.jpg

By wandering among the roots of the mangrove tree, witnessing its growth through the day/night and the tidal cycle from different points of view, the audience gets in touch with the scientific data in a visceral and emotional way.


Mangrove Time(s) aims to form a bridge between art and science by employing innovative animation technologies to create an experience that is normally invisible (or imperceptible) to the human eye.

Screenshot from Mangrove Time(s)

For this project, Dr Zeynep Akcay (Griffith Film School) collaborates with researchers Dr. Michael Sievers and Dr. Fernanda Adame Vivanco (GLOW - Global Wetlands Project) to create a scientifically accurate and relevant experience. 

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