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It was snowing in İstanbul, I was filming the seagulls and the rooftops from my window. Some of the footage found their way into this small video. Done with After Effects, Gnossienne no:3 performed by Erkan Oğur, master of fratless guitar.

Marbling Animation Experiment

This is an animation experiment I did with marbling (painting on water) technique in 2005. I explored various ingredients (such as gum tragacanth, methyl cellulose, oil painting and acrylic) to float the paintings on the surface of water without getting them too fluid to control.


16 mm & 35 mm Footage

First few scenes are 16mm black&white footage that I shoot and developed myself during the research phase for "Sans Titre". 
Other scenes are shot on 35 mm film using optical printer techniques : I projected video-shot footage on an animation camera stand on which I animated various objects. I used some of these footage in Sans Titre, and kept others in film rolls - unfortunately, most of them are lost during hustles of movings and resettlings...

Anchor 1

Dancing Stripes at Piknic Electronik Montreal

Some footage I shot at the Picnik Electronik in Montreal; no effect, just dancing stripes!

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